Antenna Design Challenge

Network antennas form part of the invisible backbone of any modern urban environment; we call, we surf—we don‘t even remember what life was like without mobile networks. Nokia Siemens Networks came up with a challenge for Aalto students: “What would an antenna look like in a future (2020) urban environment? Create an antenna that we don‘t need to hide!”

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Dynamic efficiency of antennas is more and more important, as the use of mobile broadband services is increasing. Demand for network capacity fluctuates as people use their favorite applications in different times of the day, different days of the week, and in hotspots around the city. Network capacity—and thus antennas—needs to be where people use services.
However, the kinds of urban spaces that make popular network access points may very well have all kinds of regulations and restrictions on construction and design.
You wouldn't want to have an unsightly antenna near a famous landmark—and yet that's exactly where tourists will flock, take photos, and upload them to Facebook right away.

Nokia Siemens Networks and Aalto University realize the project as part of Aalto University´s International Design Business Management program (IDBM). This is a joint program between Aalto University’s School of Art and Design, School of Technology and School of Business. 

The proposals created by the students will be evaluated by a panel consisting of design and technology experts from Aalto University and Nokia Siemens Networks. The best design will be rewarded and a model of it will be placed in the company’s Solution Experience Center.

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News / Inspiring design ideas for future mobile antennas by Aalto students

On the lookout for iconic mobile antenna designs, Nokia Siemens Networks together with Aalto University, invited students to come up with ideas on how mobile antennas could look in the future. The winners of the active antenna design competition were announced on April 12th. The best design award was shared between teams Owl and Tetrix.


News / How do future antennas look like in urban environment?

Nokia Siemens Networks and Aalto University to organize an active antenna design competition for students as part World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

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