Living+ Platform

Living+ is one of Aalto University`s multi-disciplinary platforms based on one of the university's key focus areas. The platform connects research initiatives relating to planning, designing and testing human centered living environments in all scales.

Living+ also enables drawing from excellent research in order to facilitate the planning, design and development of human environments. This way the platform supports the development of better everyday living, including housing, working, mobility, digital and physical services, care and wellbeing, leisure, and social interaction.


Research Themes

The Living+ Platform aims to support all research essential to human-centered living environments. For structural purposes, we divide the research into four themes, where each theme represents a specific point of view.

Urban Life gathers research surrounding humans’ interaction in and with the environment, e.g. built environments, nature, traffic and culture.

Inclusive Environments gathers areas of research centering on environments where humans interact with each other, e.g. environments for co-creation and services.

Technological Breakthroughs gathers the areas of detailed expertise required to build the environments in which we live, e.g. engineering and material technology.

Human-Centered Design gathers research on how people behave and what they know, and most importantly, how to use that knowledge to create more precise methods for designing human environments.


Why is it called a Platform?

The Aalto Living+ Platform facilitates and connects Aalto's competences within multiple areas in a bottom up manner, while increasing Aalto's visibility. It provides seed funding, arranges matchmaking events, acts as a collaboration platform within Aalto, and provides a "front desk" for external contacts.

Platforms are founded in areas where Aalto has competence methodologies, infrastructures, and applications. The focus lies in research, education and impact.



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